Xishuangbanna International Resort, The Dai Show Theatre

The Dai Show Theatre marks a new era of entertainment in the Yunnan province.  Located at the Xishuangbanna International Resort in China and housing a water acrobatics show, the theatre is a highly sophisticated venue that sets a new level of artistic and technical achievement to excite audiences from all over the world.  The Xishuangbanna International Resort was developed by Wanda Group.

Auerbach Pollock Friedlander completed theatre and audio-video consulting work on the 1,183-seat Dai Show Theatre in collaboration with production designers and entertainment architects Stufish, who also designed the building, and show producer Franco Dragone.

The theatre itself features a large performance water basin around which the audience is seated.  The stage areas can easily transition between wet and dry as well as to reveal a deep dive pool.  Working with aquatics consultant STO, Auerbach Pollock Friedlander designed all the water effects including jumping jets, an indoor rain shower and the physical appearance of an infinity pool edge adjacent to the dive pool basin.

The theatre is part of a larger Wanda Group resort development covering 16-square-kilometers with a theme amusement park, a tropical adventure park, upscale hotels, a commercial center, a 3A-rated hospital and a new tourism town.

Architect: Stufish
Acoustics: Jaffe Holden Acoustics
Size: 19,500m²
Cost: $320,000,000
Completion: 2015