Scripps College, Music FacilitiesScripps College, Music Facilities
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Scripps College, Music Facilities

Claremont, California

Auerbach Pollock Friedlander provided full-scope theatre consulting for the renovation of the 690-seat Garrison Theatre and the new 110-seat Boone Recital Hall.

The Garrison Theatre is a primary performance venue for Claremont College and supports live music, lecture, film, dance and theatrical productions. The design team was challenged to improve production and teaching capabilities within the existing Garrison Theatre’s architectural envelope.   A new theatrical dimming system and new lighting catwalks provide a modern flexible system meeting the needs of all styles of productions mounted in this space. The existing ceiling was removed for more acoustic volume and to create a grander feel for the room. New seating and fine adjustments to the rake and risers made a tremendous improvement to audience comfort and sightlines. A flexible forestage platform system and a new orchestra enclosure provide ultimate flexibility in ensemble configuration and size on the Garrison Theatre stage. Reconfiguration of the stage apron, incorporating caliper walkways, greatly improved circulation between the stage and house.

The Boone Recital Hall is designed as a music performance venue, classroom and choral rehearsal hall in support of the Claremont College music program and the Garrison Theatre. The seating configuration mimics the choral risers designed for the Garrison Theatre providing a perfect choir rehearsal space. Motor controlled variable acoustics systems change the acoustic properties of the room for a wide variety of music needs at the push of a button. A modest theatrical lighting system was provided for the illumination of intimate performances. Natural light can be let into the room through a window wall equipped with black out curtains when light control is important to the performance.

Architect: BOORA Architects
Acoustics: McKay Conant Brook
Size: 43,370 SF
Cost: $8,800,000
Completion: 2003