MGM MIRAGE, Cirque du Soleil LOVE™ Theatre

In what was once the production space of Siegfried & Roy®, the Beatles LOVE™ at the MGM Mirage is the fifth permanent theatre in Las Vegas for Cirque du Soleil.

Collaborating with Cirque du Soleil, the MGM Mirage Design Group and architect Marnell Corrao Associates, Auerbach Pollock Friedlander created a design for the renovated space that included development of carefully integrated, technically advanced theatrical systems.

The team had to transform the former proscenium theatre into an intimate arena where scenery and performers would enter from all directions during the show. Incorporating the total integration of audience, performers and theatrical technology, the firm created a fully enveloping experience for the audience through segmented surround seating, a dynamic full-immersion audio experience sound systems with 6,000 loudspeakers, and a fully automated stage deck.

25,000 square feet of overhead technical support is accommodated by a split-level technical grid over the entire stage and seating area providing overhead performer access, lighting systems, projection, automated rigging, high speed acrobatic trolley hoists, scenery storage and special effects. The center stage floor area is completely operable via an extensive combination of high speed lifts, traps and sloat/slip stages resulting in 2,300 square feet of operable scenic staging elements.

Architect: Marnell Corrao Associates
Acoustics: Jaffe Holden
Cost: $100,000,000
Completion: 2006