Hope Presbyterian Church

Auerbach Pollock Friedlander provided full-scope theatre and video systems consulting including room design, theatrical lighting, rigging and stage machinery, and video production systems design for the 5,000-seat Hope Presbyterian Church, one of the largest churches in the country with an average weekly attendance of 7,500.

Often used for concerts, movie screenings, and graduations in addition to worship, the auditorium’s video systems provide full 1080i HD workflow from manned and robotic production cameras to two 25’x14’ image magnification (IMAG) rear projection screens. Additional video production equipment included multi-format 64×64 video and 32×32 audio signal routing switcher, 16×16 production switcher system, HS-SDI crosspoint video routing switcher, teleprompter system and master sync / clock system. Video source, storage and playout equipment included DVD, hard-disk recorder (iDDR), DVCAM, real-time CG graphics, teleprompter graphics and digital media storage. Computer workstations for CG graphics, digital media storage, teleprompter systems and non-linear editing (NLE) completed the overall video production systems.

Of the high tech facility, the church’s website notes, “There are over 100 different systems talking to each other in real time through hundreds of miles of cable for a weekend service to be accomplished.”

Architect: Fleming Associates Architects
Acoustics: Kirkegaard Associates
Size: 335,000 SF entire facility
Cost: $26,000,000

Completion: 2007