Center for the Creative and Performing Arts

Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s downtown cultural district, the Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School (CAPA), is a magnet school providing a comprehensive academic program grounded in an arts education experience. Auerbach Pollock Friedlander provided full-scope audio-video and theatre consulting for the 400-seat auditorium, 150-seat black box/drama rehearsal room, and dance studios.

A significant design challenge was to create theatrical systems to enhance the unique shape and function of the black box theatre, utilizing the building’s undulating glass façade as its fourth wall. This was accomplished with complete lighting and audio systems controlled from an enclosed booth for fully-supported theatrical production; a full height drape which permits the room to be completely blacked out for the performances while still allowing natural light when the room is used for rehearsal or public gatherings; and overhead pipe grid that provides flexible accommodation for hanging lighting, sound, drapes and scenic elements as needed.

Architect: MacLachlan, Cornelius & Filoni
Size: 125,000 SF
Cost: $35,000,000
Completion: 2003