Argyros Performing Arts Center

The Argyros Performing Arts Center is a state of the art facility for a wide variety types of performances and events. Unique design features allow the Center’s main auditorium to be quickly and easily reconfigured for a wide range of audience and ensemble sizes.
Windows into the auditorium allow daylight to enter the room, creating a welcoming environment, generating community interest and excitement as passersby are allowed a glimpse of the behind the scenes goings on, and letting the hard working technical crew to escape the dark traditionally associated with performance space as they set up and transform the space from event to event. Full blackout capability is provided for performances and when privacy is required.

A retractable seating system allows comfortable theatre seats to be deployed in matter of minutes or stored away completely to create an open, flat floor space for banquet or ballroom use. Seating can configured to create an end-stage, thrust, arena, or in-the-round configuration for up to 380 patrons.

Overhead, a 2,500-square-foot woven wire tension grid allows for access above most of the auditorium for safe and easy setup without the use of ladders or lifts.
The stage floor has been designed with dancers in mind to provide both strength, comfort and resiliency. The floor will support lifting equipment, scenery, and musical instruments with point loads up to 250 lbs.

A Meyer Sound Constellation system supplements a traditional left-center-right loudspeaker system to provide a flexibility and meet the acoustic needs of spoken word, acoustic music, amplified music, as well as film presentation.

The venue is outfitted with film projection systems with a permanent large format screen deployable at the touch of a button and linked to the sound, shading and lighting systems for near automatic operability.

Architect: Michael Doty Associates
Acoustics: Stantec
Size: 25,000 SF
Cost: $12,00,000
Completion: 2018