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Auerbach Pollock Friedlander provides comprehensive audio-video systems design. With direct experience in engineering and operations of theatre audio-video, broadcast, recording and broadcast systems for live events, our team of consultants uses a holistic design approach that focuses on the relationship of performer and audience while incorporating ease of operation and long-term reliability.

Our firm’s award-winning consultants are expert in designing audio-video systems that are fully integrated into the overall performance operations to ensure that the end users and operating staff are provided with a seamless interface to the technology. The focus is always on providing robust, innovative and individualized designs tailored to the specific needs and budget of each project, while providing a superior experience for the audience.

We provide planning and design of performance sound reinforcement systems, broadcast facilities, video projection and cinema systems, large format LED and image magnification (IMAG) systems and their related infrastructure for theatres, concert halls, screening rooms, planetariums, IMAX and virtual reality spaces.

Key elements of our systems design scope include:

Performance Spaces
  • Performer sound reinforcement (digital wireless microphone integration)
  • Performer monitor systems
  • Audience sound and environmental effects systems design
  • Digital audio network design
  • Sound mix position – ergonomic control placement
  • Sound booth design – integrated with stage management and lighting control
  • Digital crew communication systems
  • Digital projections systems
Broadcast Facilities
  • Control room design
  • Digital signal transport design
  • Digital storage and playback integration
  • Studio design
  • Satellite uplink integration
Conference/Educational Facilities
  • Multichannel simultaneous interpretation systems
  • Distance learning
  • Integrated audio-video-computer interface
  • Custom touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) design
  • Digital signage, flexible way finding and interactive video display systems

Our team can demonstrate a broad range of skills through:

  • Acoustic modeling for loudspeaker system design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Room design including integration of electrical systems, HVAC systems and architectural requirements
  • Development of probable cost scenarios
  • Contract documents; including functional diagrams, riser diagrams, room layouts, equipment lists and installation details
  • Bid review
  • Comprehensive construction administration and contractor oversight

We use a collaborative process that carefully incorporates specific user needs and preferences into facility plans and systems early in the design process. When an end user technical/operations team is not yet in place, we use our own experiences as former facility operators and end users to provide guidance to the design team and owner.

As the project moves into final design, we provide detailed drawings and specifications for all audio-video systems and work closely with the design team on the development of the facility’s infrastructure, providing detailed review of project documents at critical phase landmarks. These essential services help ensure the best coordination of the facility’s myriad systems and avoid conflicts during construction.

Post-bid through the construction administration and commissioning phases, we provide review of shop drawings and work closely with the architect’s team, the construction manager and contractors to address RFIs and field coordination so the completed project and its systems meet the expectations of the owner and users.

Our goal is to see our work from concept through completion and to ensure that the project’s needs are met or have been exceeded.