Al Habtoor City, La Perle by Dragone Theatre
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Since 1972, Auerbach Pollock Friedlander’s holistic approach to the design of spaces and technology for performance venues has produced a wide range of successful innovative projects. The firm’s extensive portfolio includes resident repertory theaters, opera houses, concert halls, corporate auditoriums and event spaces, college/university and secondary school performing and visual arts facilities, museums and planetariums as well as popular entertainment venues and show-specific theatres in theme parks, casinos, cruise ships and night clubs.

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The firm’s performance and presentation system design expertise includes lighting, audio, production communication, video distribution, projection and broadcast, stage rigging, lifts and automation systems of all types. Our facility planning, design and delivery projects comprise performing arts venues for every type of live and media-based performance and an expanding number of unique immersive environments and non-traditional spaces that utilize our experience with sophisticated systems to create singular variable architecture for corporate, educational and private clients.

Mandalay Bay, Michael Jackson ONE™ for Cirque du Soleil
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Performance environments typically involve facilities that include planning and design of auditoria, public spaces, theatre instructional labs and classrooms, scenic, prop and costume shops, loading areas, dressing and makeup facilities and other production operations areas. More recent commissions have leveraged the firm’s 48-years of experience and innovation to support unique event and educational projects that extend well beyond traditional performing arts venues. These projects bolster our reputation for embracing and successfully completing assignments for the most forward-thinking and inventive clients.

Sandler Center for the Performing Arts
© Steve Budman

Our contribution is always provided as part of an open collaborative process with the larger design team. Services range from programming and master planning either pre-architectural or as part of a full team, theatre space design, specifications of systems and equipment as well as construction administration services. We consider our work to be integral to the creative architectural process. Our principals and staff have diverse backgrounds in programming, planning and architectural design disciplines as well as hands-on experience in theatre production design, technology, media technology, audio, video, production management, technical direction and scenography.

Boston University Joan & Edgar Booth Theatre and College of Fine Arts Production Center
© Eric Laignel

Our core principles of hearing our clients’ needs and approaching each project without preconceived ideas of the outcome enables us to think outside-the-box while providing practical, cost-effective solutions at a variety of levels. Hundreds of successful projects, numerous awards and long-term client relationships are the result of our attention to quality, an unparalleled methodology, superior communication and peerless documentation.