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Firm Profile

Founded by S. Leonard Auerbach in 1972, Auerbach Pollock Friedlander is a globally-recognized theatre design and consulting firm with an extensive portfolio of award-winning projects.

The firm’s holistic approach to design lends itself to a wide range of projects that include opera houses, professional repertory theatres, concert halls, performing arts educational facilities, museums and planetariums as well as popular entertainment venues in theme parks, casinos, cruise ships and night clubs.

The firm’s portfolio encompasses the development and design of venues for every type of live and media-based performance. Projects typically involve the design of performance facilities that include planning and design of auditoria, public spaces, theatre instructional labs and classrooms, scenic, prop and costume shops, loading areas, dressing and makeup facilities and other production operations areas.

The consultant’s expertise is always provided as part of an open collaborative process with the larger design team. The principals and staff have diverse backgrounds in programming, planning and architectural design disciplines as well as hands-on experience in theatre production design, theatre technology, media arts, sound, video and communication, production management, technical direction and scenography. This depth of experience enables Auerbach Pollock Friedlander to provide comprehensive, innovative design and superior technical solutions that respond to the needs of the end user while providing the architect with the flexibility to develop their vision. The firm can provide services in initial planning and programming, theatre space design, specifications of all theatrical and audio-video systems and equipment as well as construction administration services for each project.

Hundreds of successful projects, numerous awards and long term client relationships attest to Auerbach Pollock Friedlander’s collaborative design process which is built around an unparalleled methodology and rests on core principles of providing superior communication and peerless documentation.